HEADLINE; Blogging Importance

Today, there is more and more social network services available in the Internet, and makes many people began to turn away from the blog. It must be admitted, that the social network sites provide the services that for some people, looks far more interesting than the blog. Those who have business online, would see a social network site as a business opportunity much more rather than a blog can promise.

So a question about the blogs, seem to be raised. Why blogging are still important and necessary?
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How to Make "Read More" (Expandable Post Summaries) in Blogger Templates

[ Thursday, 3 September 2009 | 1 comments ]
If you have changed your blog template, you might feel there is something missing from the new look of your blog. Take a look, your blog article looks too long isn’t it? If you make a certain length articles, the entire article will be displayed. This makes your blog look less attractive and give some trouble to the reader to see all titles of articles on the front page of your blog.

It happened because you have not added the code "Read More" (Expandable Post Summaries) in your template. If you already added this "Read More" (Expandable Post Summaries) code, then only a part of your article will be displayed. The rest will be hidden and only displayed when the reader interested to continue reading and hit the "Read More" link or button.

If you are interested to make it, you can following this:

1. Log in to your blogger. com account
2. Check “settings” menu and then check “formatting” page
3. add the following code in the “post template” box
<span class="fullpost">

</ span>

Then Save.
4. Go to “layout” page, then check edit template
5. Check the expand templates widget box
7. It is better to download all of your templates first. If there is a mistake you'll easy upload it back.
8. Find the following code:
<div class='post-header-line-1'/>
<div class='post-body'>

(Can be also like this:
<div class='post-body entry-content'>

Just find the most similar)
9. If so, add the following code below:
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
<style>. fullpost (display: inline;) </ style>
<p> <data:post.body/> </ p>
<style>. fullpost (display: none;) </ style>

10. Look down, there will be this code:
<p> <data:post.body/> </ p>
<div style='clear: both;'/> <! - clear for photos floats ->
</ div>

11. Among the code:
<p> <data:post.body/> </ p>

<div style='clear: both;'/> <! - clear for photos floats ->

Add the following code:
<a expr:href='data:post.url'> Read More .. </ a>
</ b: if>

12. If you've done, then save your template.

Now try to edit one of your post:
1. Check Edit HTML on your post page
Choose the section you want as your article summary, or which will appear on your blog page. Put code:
<span class="fullpost">

2. Put the code:
</ span>

on the bottom, so that the rest of your article will be among the code
<span class="fullpost">

</ span>

2. If you have done, save your article back.
3. Now, please check at the new look of your blog.
4. Done.

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New Arthemia Template for Blogger.com

[ Wednesday, 2 September 2009 | 0 comments ]
Arthemia is one of the most popular of bloggers template. Originally, Arthemia is a wordpress template that is converting to be compatible for use on blogger.com. In addition to its elegant appearance, Arthemia template favored because has been equipped with some very popular widgets such as drop down menus, three-column body, and three column footer.

Arthemia templates design have been updated for many times, following the new trends and styles of templates. Now you can use the New Arthemia template that is more interesting than usual Arthemia template. Tanks to Rajeel who have assemble the New Arthemia for all bloggers. The touch made by Rajeel make New Arthemia looks much more professional and interesting.

If you intend to choose a template for your new blog, Arthemia is one option that I recommend. As you can see this on my blog, I myself also use the New Arthemia, which i think looks neat and professional. For those of you who fans of personal magazine-style template, you should consider to use this template one.

In New Arthemia template, you will instantly get:
1. Two / Three columns depend on your customization
2. Proffessional Design with magazine style
3. Built-in search box
4. Nice Drop-down menu
5. Three footer widgets
6. Banner ad ready (468 × 60, a big banner ad)
7. Headline Section to enlight your Top-post
8. Featured Posts section to show off your featured posts
9. Nice graphic labels above the posts
10. Built-in Tag cloud
11. Compatible for Mozilla - all version
12. Compatible for IE 8 and 7. Also compatible for IE 6!!

For a guide to install this template, you can go to Rajeel blog.

If you liked this template, you can download it here:
New Arthemia

Or if you prefer to use the old version of Arthemia, you can go this one:

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Spider Test: Get a Spider Simulation for your Blog

[ Friday, 21 August 2009 | 0 comments ]
spider simulationAlthough you have submit your blog url to google, it doesnt mean that your blog will be indexed immedietly. Please check the google SERP page, whether the name of your blog is listed. If you feel its too long to wait your blog indexed by search engines, especially google, may be its a good idea to try to submit your blog url again, or could be you have to submit repeatedly.

Before submit your blog, I suggest you try to check your blog page. There is a possibility, your blog template isnt Search Engine friendly one. You can pay someone to do it. But you can also use the free spider Simulation service. This spider Simulation, will help you to find out some weaknesses of your template.

I most often use the services of Spidertest. I like it, because they have simple procedures. By using Spidertest, I know the effectiveness of my blog meta tags, and also knowing the keywords of my blog. By doing simulations to crawl your blog page, you can fix some errors, which most likely is a problem, so that your blog is not indexed search engine.

Please visit Spidertest, and enter your url in a field that is there. Press the check button. And you will know a few things that you may be able to fix on your template. Not only that, you can also know the 20 words that appear most often. Hmm, try to see, whether it is the keyword that you target?

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Changing the blogger default template

[ Tuesday, 18 August 2009 | 0 comments ]
In fact, the default template that provided by blogger.com has been very good. Its now depending on your creativity to explore. Actually, you can learn to make modifications to the HTML code of your blog template to make it suitable to you. Various things can be done, for example, add a column on sidebar,make two columns at the header, make three fields footer, and others. Many tutorials abaout that can easily can be found on the internet.

However, if you still feel the default template can not represent all of your needs, then you can change the template. Event if you dont want to be bothered own, you can use service of the free template provider . They usually provide a lot of templates that you can select according to your taste. Some that I recommend are:

1. btemplates.com
2. eblogtemplates.com
3. bloggerstyles.com

Please visit the site. Then, find the template that accordance with your wishes. I recommend that, before you download the template, you have to see the demo first, to ensure that the template is consistent with your expectation. If you are unsure, now you can download it, by pressing the dowload button that provided. Note that some available file is made in the extract files form. So, you must first extract it with your extraction software.

If you have done, then the next step is to install the template on your blog:

1.Please access your blogger.com account.

2.Choose 'Layout' and click 'Edit HTML'

3. Check "Expand Widget" and then click "Download Full Template".
You should do this, to anticipate when an error happen on the new template. If that happens you can restore your default template with again by uploading this file.

4.Klik the "browse"
You will go to your computer explorer page. Please find a new template that you have downloaded before.

5. When you have done, click the "upload" button.

6. Click "Preview" button first, to see the new look of your blog.

7. If you are unsure, then you stay pressing the "Save Template" button.

Congratulations, your blog already have a new template. Please complete the new template with your new widget that you like.

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Free Web Submision; Submit your blog to multiple Search Engines

[ Sunday, 9 August 2009 | 5 comments ]
To publish your blog, submit your blogs url to various search engines are the basic steps. I am sure, google is your first choice. Next, you can submit to Yahoo and MSN. By doing url submit, you are starting to get visitors to your blog.

Of course, Google, Yahoo and MSN, is the most popular search engine, so you can note them to a ‘must be’ category, hehehe. But you can also consider the other search engines. There are so many search engines, who also would have visitors, and probably different one. So why not try to drag visitors to your blog's from that other search engine.

Fortunately, you do not need to do its manually one by one, as you do when you submit your blog url you to google. By using the Free Web Submision service, you can do less than ten minutes. Its very easy to do:

1. Visit: freewebsubmission.com,

2. There are two columns available here, that to be fill in, consisting of:
a. URL Column,
b. Email column

3. Check Yes in the Agreement box,

4. Click the Submit your site button,

5. Access your email account, see the inbox, there are an email from FreeWebsubmission

6.Click the anchor text "Verify Membership" (or copy and paste the provided link into your web browser's address bar), you will return to Free Web Submission front page

7. Click Submit your site Button ones again, then you finish.

Note: Some search engines will send you a verification email. Just click the given link.
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